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Ms Tatiana Sokolova - Naturopath

Tatiana is a fully qualified Naturopath, NES and SCENAR practitioner. She also carries a medical degree from overseas and has extensive knowledge and understanding on how to heal the body with a variety of treatments.

Tatiana achieves balance by treating each person as an individual, improving emotional, mental and physical health. With this approach, she can assist people with many common health problems and illnesses. Utilising the revolutionary SCENAR therapy -- a highly effective treatment which relieves pain anywhere in the body -- Tatiana is able to produce dramatic and sustainable results with chronic pain reduction, functional improvement and general health restoration.


SCENAR (Self Controlled Electro Neuro Adaptive Regulator) is a therapeutic medical device that works by influencing the body’s immune-neuro-endocrine matrix to help it to restore homeostasis or proper functioning. By stimulating the skin with electrical impulses it emits, the device is able to generate the tissue response that matches with a “healing pattern “. The SCENAR does this by adjusting its electrical impulse automatically after measuring the skin’s impedance during the treatment.

SCENAR has a profound effect on both chronic and acute painful conditions and injuries that may not respond to other forms of treatment. It also greatly reduces recovery times after injuries, burns, fractures, insect bites, allergic reactions and skin conditions; and it can assist in improving memory, sleep, physical health and learning ability. No unwanted side effects have been demonstrated from SCENAR treatment. The only absolute contraindication is for people with cardiac pacemakers.


Naturopathy is now gaining recognition as an important part of the Australian Health Care System and as such is also being recognized by many medical practitioners as an integral part of health management. Naturopathic treatment aims to help the body heal itself and restore a balance in a natural way. This is achieved by treating each person individually where all aspects of illness are analysed. Using these principles Tatiana can help you with many commonly occurring problems, such as:

- Tiredness/low energy - Leaky gut syndrome
- Chronic fatigue - Food intolerance
- Sleeping problems - Candida
- Depression/anxiety - Preconception care
- Irritable bowel syndrome - Women's health
- Crohn's disease - Menopause
- Ulcerative colitis - Osteoporosis

Experienced in using NES, nutrition, herbal medicine and homeopathic remedies, Tatiana achieves great success with her preventive care and treatment techniques.




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