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Ms Jenny Wai Man Ng (吳慧敏)
- Massage therapist

Remedial massage is a therapy that can effectively relieve muscle tension, improve body circulation, subside swelling, heal sport injuries, boost up immunity, and stimulate endorphin production. Through assessment and treatment, remedial massage not only can relieve pain, but also correct poor posture, and improve mobility of joints.

The traditional Chinese acupressure is based on the same theory of acupuncture, where it aims to promote relaxation and wellness. Fingers are used instead of acupuncture needles, applying pressure to acupressure points of the body.

Jenny Ng integrates massage, stretching techniques, cupping and dry needling into her clinical practice in order to accelerate the recovery process of her patients’ conditions. She has experience in treatment for patients suffering from migraine, neck pain, frozen shoulder, arm pain, knee pain, sciatica, back pain and a variety of other chronic pain.


治療按摩是一種有效地令肌肉放鬆,改善身體血液循環,減少腫脹,加快運動損傷復原,增強免疫力或腦內啡(endorphin) 刺激的療法,並針對病人的具體情況,因人而異地給予治療。它不但是一種自然又安全的止痛方法, 同時還可以改善不良姿勢,增加關節的活動性。



Diploma of Remedial Massage (治療按摩文憑)
Bachelor of Business Administration (工商管理學士)



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