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Our Philosophy

Medicine is an ongoing and evolutionary human science in the treatment, support and healing of the patient. Likewise, the health practitioner must also evolve, as an individual and a practitioner who not only functions as doctor and counsellor, but also as an agent for change, providing the best medicinal treatment and recovery for individuals and families.

A health practitioner understands that health, illness and disease are very personal experiences and are often intimate and private events in the life of the patient. For a health practitioner, not only it is important to understand and treat illness, it is also crucial to advise the patient on their health needs and recovery where required.

When it comes to excellent health care, good long-term relationships are crucial in the building of mutual trust and wellness, allowing everyone an opportunity to explore the best options available for their health and overall wellbeing. A good medical practice should not only provide management of acute, chronic and complex conditions, but should also provide prevention strategies, health promotion and early intervention for those at risk.

At the Choice of Living Health Centre, our philosophy is to deliver safe, high-quality and affordable health care. We encourage our clients to work with other health modalities and disciplines on their pathway to good health. It is our aim to deliver integrated patient care that fosters optimal health and wellbeing for the individual.

Our logo

In traditional Chinese medicine, Liquorice Root (Gan Cao) is used in many herbal formulas to work in harmony with other ingredients, enhancing and activating the medicinal properties of each herb.

The cohesive and balancing properties of Liquorice Root are mirrored in the complementary practices offered at the Choice of Living Health Centre. We understand that specific medical and health conditions can benefit from a close association with other health professionals to deliver integrated patient care. Our aim and commitment is to bring together a number of services that work in harmony with you and your wellbeing.


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