Choice of Living Health Centre


Choice of Living Health Centre

The Choice of Living Health Centre is a Greenacres-based medical clinic that focuses on balancing the mind and body to achieve inner health. To achieve this, we facilitate a skilled team of multi-disciplinary health practitioners in order to deliver integrated patient care that fosters optimal health and well-being for the individual.





Our Team

Our practitioners work to bring their expertise and valuable experiences in their fields together to ensure that the patients are receiving the care that they need for optimal health and well-being.




Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to deliver safe, high-quality and affordable health care. We encourage our patients to work with other health modalities and disciplines on their pathway to good health.



Services and Policies

We endeavour to provide the best services that are optimal to your health at our health centre. Our policies serve to help us achieve our aim and are strongly tied in with our philosophy. 




We are a centre that values good communication between health practitioners, staff and patients. There are a variety of way in which we can be contacted, and also keep you updated. 

Contact Us

Book an appointment with our health professionals by contacting us via phone, email or in person.
Home visit service is also available, please enquire by calling the Centre.


(08) 8367 8228


78 Muller Rd, Greenacres

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